Sam Walsh, chief executive officer of Rio Tinto Group

Sam Walsh, chief executive officer of Rio Tinto Group

All businesses have a need for high quality photography...

...but what is even more important, is that the photography is also uniquely individual. No stock picture will ever be just right for your business, it won't feature the faces that make your business, and people can spot it a mile off. Yes its useful as thumbnail filler if you really have to, but should you be building your brand around other peoples faces?

Corporate headshots by Matthew Lloyd

The headshot

Scroll through a list of LinkedIn names and who pops out? The person with the professional picture every time.  Would you rather do business with the person with a holiday snap for their profile, or the person clearly important enough to have a great portrait taken of them? Even if you want a shot against a white background, you shouldnt compromise on quality. Look at the picture to the left, and see what we mean.  Click below to see our portraits of CEO's from some of the worlds leading companies. Many taken in less than five minutes, because no one likes messing around.


The Team Shot

Professional team shots for business photographer Matthew Lloyd

Standing in a line against a wall, looking like the awkward squad. Shot on a mobile phone, with a tiny flash and someone has their eyes closed or some kind of cheesy group hug picture. Its not how we do it. Stylish, flattering and professional is how we like it.   Click below to see some examples of better ways to do team pictures.

Hero shots corporate photography for businesses

The Hero Shots

Just because your work doesn't involve an angle grinder or arc welder doesn't mean you can't have the Hero shots. Shot right, a phone call or typing an email can still make a great picture. Look at the Rentokil Campaign below for some inspiration. And if you work in an office but still want to be photographed using an angle grinder, that can be arranged.

Lee Baron business photography by Matthew Lloyd

Business Case Study - Lee Baron

Lee Baron, a property management company, could have gone the usual route of stock images of skylines and city windows. But instead they focused on what makes their business - the people. Shot over two days, the result was enough imagery for an entire rebrand for their new website. 


Business photography in London and Yorkshire - print and web

Business Case Study

As is often the case with our clients, the need for new imagery came along with a website redesign. With art direction by Leeds based designers Calls9, Euravia commissioned 2 days photography of their main business sectors, the refurbishment of aircraft engines. Lighting large areas with dramatic effect requires clear vision of what is to be achieved, is technically difficult and requires extensive equipment, but this is how we like it.  


Small Business? Yorkshire?

You might be a small business who loves what we do, appreciates the power and value to a small or startup business of great photography, but cost is your number one concern. We operate a special rate card for SME business sized up to 100 people in the Yorkshire area. Please fill out the form if you'd like to receive the PDF. Think, if well planned, a full days photography can be enough to brand an entire small business.

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A selection of corporate headshots by Matthew Lloyd, Business Photographer